Support for Unlimited license type

IT Asset Management version 2018 R2

For cases where vendors allow you to use unlimited quantities of their software, IT Asset Management now provides a way to define a rule that characterizes the entitlement limits defined by the license agreement. The rule affects how the license is flagged if consumption exceeds the entitlement limits.

A new Entitlement limits section has been added to the Compliance tab of license properties that enables you choose a rule that appropriately characterizes the entitlement limits defined by the license agreement. The following Entitlement limits options are provided:

  • As purchased — Terms of the license set the number of entitlements purchased as the cap for entitlement limit. The license is flagged as “At risk” when consumption exceeds purchased entitlements.
  • Subject to true-up — Terms of the license allow consumption to exceed purchased entitlements as long as additional licenses are purchased at the end of the true-up period (as defined in the relevant purchasing agreement). The license remains “Compliant” when consumption exceeds purchased entitlements.
  • Unlimited — Terms of the license allow for unlimited entitlements. Unlike “Subject to true-up” licenses, with “Unlimited” licenses you do not need to purchase additional entitlements to rectify overages, because the license does not have any limit on entitlements or consumption, and is “Compliant” at all times. As there is no relationship between the purchased entitlements and the consumption, “Shortfall/Availability” is not reported for these licenses.

For the majority of licenses and for most vendors, Entitlement limits is set to As purchased.

Note: The Subject to true-up radio button in the Entitlement limits section replaces the Subject to true-up check box that was previously included on the Identification tab of license Properties. In addition, the Subject to true-up column of various custom reports has been changed to Entitlement limits. Valid values that can appear in the Entitlement limits column are also As purchased, Subject to true-up, and Unlimited.

For more information about Entitlement limits, refer to the online help.

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