SAP S/4Hana Business Suite Migration

IT Asset Management version 2018 R2

Increasing numbers of SAP’s customers are migrating from SAP’s Classic Business Suite (R/3) to the newer S/4Hana Business Suite.

To meet this need, a new S/4Hana Migration section is available on the Create New SAP System page which enables you to define an SAP system as either Classic Business Suite or S/4Hana. Migration of Classic Business Suite systems can then be defined as Not planned, Planned, In progress or Complete. These fields can then be updated as your migration progresses by editing the SAP system. This allows you to assess the composition of your landscape and review the status of the migration of your systems to S/4Hana.

There is also a new License Surplus/Deficit section (located on the License Position > Current Position page) which provides an overview of any license surplus that can be negotiated with SAP as credits towards your S/4Hana migration. The section contains fields that calculate a surplus (or a deficit) based on the current consumption of the Named User and Package licenses that your organization has purchased. Essentially, a surplus is calculated if you are over-licensed and a deficit if you are under-licensed. The surplus is shown as a count of surplus licenses as well as a monetary value which can potentially be used as S/4Hana credits. A deficit is displayed in red to distinguish it from a surplus and serves only as a reminder that the organization is under-licensed.

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