Status of inventory beacon uploads

IT Asset Management version 2018 R2
Known or potential issues with files uploading from each inventory beacon to the central application server are simple to identify following the addition of a range of new fields that display in the following locations of the IT Asset Management web interface:
  • The Beacon status widget (previously titled Beacons with issues) in the System Health Dashboard page summarizes known issues with inventory beacons and highlights problems with file uploads such as connectivity issues, the count of blocked files, data pending upload and the longest time a file has been unable to upload.
  • The new Total to upload column in the Beacons page shows the total file size (in megabytes) of all files that are currently on the inventory beacon awaiting upload to the central application server, and the new Oldest pending upload column displays the longest time a file has been unable to upload.
  • In the General tab of the properties for each inventory beacon, the Beacon location section now shows the PowerShell version installed on the inventory beacon, and .Net Framework reported by the inventory beacon which enables you to check whether minimum requirements are met. The OS version running on this inventory beacon is also shown which may be helpful information when you are deciding which inventory beacons to upgrade.
  • The new Upload status tab of the same properties, helps to identify any issues with the upload of files from this inventory beacon to the central application server. This tab includes the Inventory beacon upload status grid which provides information on data that is currently uploading for each type of import including the number of files to upload (if any), the time since the first and the most recent files were queued, and the sum total of all files awaiting upload.

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