IBM PVU Consumption report enhanced

IT Asset Management version 2019 R1.1
The IBM PVU Consumption report is one of the key reports to archive for two years, as required by IBM if they have granted your enterprise a license variation to use IT Asset Management to track sub-capacity consumption of IBM PVU licenses. This release introduces additional report columns for:
  • Two hierarchical levels of resource pool on platforms that allow capping by pools, along with separate displays of the capping for each level of resource pool. These data points are historical: that is, they show the resource pool capping that applied as at the date when the inventory device contributed to peak consumption in its IBM region.
  • Enterprise groups (locations, cost centers, and corporate units) owning the inventory devices. Values are displayed separately for both hosts and virtual machines. If your enterprise is organized along strong departmental lines (so that a host and all its VM guests may be owned by the same enterprise group), VMs can be set to inherit the enterprise group settings from their hosts, to minimize direct handling. In contrast, if your enterprise is using a charge-back model, set your preferences to allow VMs to have group ownerships independent of their hosts. The two relevant preferences appear on the Inventory tab of the System Settings page:
    • Update virtual machine location to match host location (this gives separate control of locations, because these are linked to the three mandatory IBM regions, and therefore directly affect calculations of peak consumption)
    • Update virtual machine cost center and corporate unit to match host properties.
    Note: The enterprise group settings are current values (not historical). Any change to device ownership, including changing the links between locations and IBM regions, is considered a data correction, and the new value applies for the whole of the current reporting period. The report is updated, using current data, as part of each nightly license reconciliation.
For more information, expand the table of content for online help to show Reports > Inbuilt Reports > IBM PVU License Consumption Report; or see Sub-Capacity Licensing with IBM PVU in IT Asset Management System Reference.

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