Targeted FlexNet Inventory Agent upgrades

IT Asset Management version 2019 R1.3

The Inventory agent for automatic deployment section of the Inventory Settings page has added a new Upgrade mode option: Upgrade selected platforms in the selected targets. Similar to Upgrade selected platforms, the new Upgrade selected platforms in the selected targets option lets you choose one of the versions of FlexNet Inventory Agent available from the application server, and specify any combination of the supported platforms along with selected targets (subset of devices) that should self-update to your selected FlexNet Inventory Agent version.

Important: To use this feature, you must upgrade your FlexNet Beacons to the version shipped with 2019 R1.3 (FlexNet Beacon version 13.5.x) or later.

When the Upgrade mode is set to Upgrade selected platforms in the selected targets, specific platforms must be selected in the Platform options list, and selected targets must be added using the Add targets button. Only the one version selected in the Version to deploy drop-down list can be deployed to all selected platforms. On platforms and targets that you do not select, operational FlexNet inventory agents are completely unaffected by the current setting, and continue using their existing version of FlexNet inventory agent for the time being.

Tip: Targets are created and managed on the Targets tab of the Discovery & Inventory > Discovery and Inventory Rules page.

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