July 2019

IT Asset Management 2019 R1.4 Part Number: 13.6.0. Release Date: July 18, 2019.

New Features

Changes from Previous Releases

  • App-V files available using URL
  • This release updates the FlexNet Beacon to 13.6.x:
    • This version corrects a problem in the 13.5.x FlexNet Beacon that prevented multiple inventory beacons of that same release working together.
    • The inventory groups enhancement, managing communications from FlexNet Inventory Agent to inventory beacons, requires you to upgrade your FlexNet Beacons to the version shipped with 2019 R1.3 (FlexNet Beacon version 13.5.x) or later.
  • To maintain consistency of internal numbering across components, this release updates the FlexNet Inventory Agent version number to 13.6.0, but there is no change to the FlexNet Inventory Agent functionality at this release.