Updated XenApp server Agent

IT Asset Management version 2019 R1.5

This release of IT Asset Management includes a new version of the XenApp server agent available for XenApp versions 7.5 or later. This is available for download in the archive of adapter tools available through https://community.flexera.com/t5/FlexNet-Manager-Knowledge-Base/Adapter-Tools-for-FlexNet-Manager-Suite/ta-p/5114.

The XenApp server agent is enhanced for proper handling of:

  • Application file path resolution through remote registry when the file path contains a Windows environment variable. Consider the following file path:
    When the path in Citrix contains a Windows environment variable, the variable can be different on the server versus the client. IT Asset Management assumes they are resolved as if they are on the server. To account for the possibility of the variables being resolved on the client, IT Asset Management provides a new command line option, -r false/true.
  • Apps that are published using UNC path or DFS shares. For example, the following UNC style path now resolves properly:
  • File paths containing appended parameters. For example, the following file path now resolves properly despite the trailing http://BirksWidgets.com parameter.
    \\BirksWidgets.com\Citrix$\2018\tools\iexplore.exe http://BirksWidgets.com
Tip: In Citrix Studio, when entering Citrix Application Settings, best practice is to avoid appending parameters in the Path to the executable file field (on the Location tab), and instead enter the parameter in the adjacent Command line argument (optional) field.

New XenApp Server Agent Command Line Option

IT Asset Management provides a new XenApp Server Agent command line option, -r true/false. This switch lets you choose the value that is resolved locally on the XenApp server, or choose the environment variables remotely read from the registry of the XenApp client device.

Syntax: FnmpXenAppAgent.exe -r true/false
Command Line Option Description
-r true/false
Option only for Citrix XenApp 7.5 (and later). Values may be:
  • false - (default) Disable remote registry environment variable resolution, and enable local variable resolution on the XenApp server.
  • true - Direct the XenApp server agent to remotely read the Windows registry on the XenApp client machine, using values there to resolve environment variables embedded in file paths.
Resolving environment variables using this command requires both of the following:
  • The Remote Registry service must be started (status of Running) on the client machine in order to resolve remote environment variables
  • The account executing the XenApp server agent must exist on the XenApp client machine to properly resolve environment variables using this command.

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