Data processing and storage through AWS

IT Asset Management version 2019 R1.5

As part of continuous product improvement, several future developments of IT Asset Management in the cloud rely on processing and data storage in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Flexera sent an email announcing this intention to all subscribers to our cloud offering on Friday, July 12, 2019, notifying you that Flexera will begin processing and storing some data in AWS. This has been supported with this Frequently Asked Questions article located in the Flexera Community.

Until August 23, 2019, the AWS-related functionality is turned off for all IT Asset Management cloud subscribers. However, code included in this 2019 R1.5 release of IT Asset Management stands ready to use AWS processing and storage when the functionality is turned on (expected to occur part-way between the 2019 R1.5 and 2019 R1.6 releases). The first example of this is the transparency about usage tracking of Oracle Database options and features, described separately.

Two dates are helpful, then:
  • The new 'Oracle Database transparency' functionality is installed on our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) servers from around August 8, 2019 as part of IT Asset Management 2019 R1.5 – but is initially disabled for all subscribers.
  • The general availability of AWS-related functionality is expected to turn on (by default) with the 2019 R1.6 release in early September, 2019.
If you wish to evaluate this new functionality between these two events, you will need to contact Flexera through your usual channels (such as your Customer Success Manager, or through Support) and, as an early adopter, request that, for your individual tenant ID, the Oracle Database transparency feature is turned on for evaluation (bringing with it the associated AWS processing and data storage).
To repeat, with the following 2019 R1.6 release, the feature toggle for Oracle transparency will be turned on, and it will be generally available to all cloud subscribers who have not opted out of the AWS processing and data storage.
Note: There are no plans to provide alternate new functionality for subscribers who opt out of AWS.