Inventory spreadsheet templates updated

IT Asset Management provides standard templates for the import of inventory data through an inventory beacon. At each product release where the internal data model used in IT Asset Management 2024 R1.1 includes updated templates for the:
  • InstallerEvidence template
  • OracleDatabaseUser template
If you have any scheduled imports using these templates, you must update to use the new versions of the templates. If you do not, you may receive an error message, similar to "Malformed spreadsheet file detected".

You can download these templates from the Download all inventory data templates: link in the Inventory tab of the One-off upload page. This resides under the Data Inputs page.

Tip: As these columns have been removed, you may prefer to manually edit your templates than downloading the new templates.
Removed columns:

InstallerEvidence template

  • DatabaseName

OracleDatabaseUser template

  • DatabaseName

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