Improvements to license consumption optimization

IT Asset Management version 2019 R1

This release improves the way that upgrade rights are managed when application release dates are unavailable. When an application recorded in the Application Recognition Library (ARL) does not contain a release date, the application is considered to have been released at some time in the past, so that, provided the license includes maintenance, the application is available for use as an upgrade.

Additionally, IT Asset Management 2024 R1.1 improves the way that upgrade and downgrade rights are managed in a specific case when:
  • An operator has manually linked an application to a license that allows upgrades or downgrades of either the version or edition of the application
  • Two applications (from the same product) are available, one with a newer version but a lower edition, and the other with an older version but a higher edition.
Previously in this unusual case, the upgrade and downgrade functionality may have linked application installations with a less-than-optimal license, or it may have left the installation unlicensed. The current improvements link installations to an appropriate license; but this may mean some minor changes to your consumption results, if this case exists in your environment.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)