Inventory and license optimization support for SAP S/4HANA

IT Asset Management version 2019 R1

This release introduces new features which continue to improve your ability to manage SAP S/4HANA using FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications.

IT Asset Management now provides you with accurate inventory for S/4HANA-dependent SAP systems in your SAP system landscape. You may choose to model these S/4HANA systems using either FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications, or directly in SAP and importing results using an inventory beacon. Once modeled, the license optimization for these S/4HANA systems can be managed within IT Asset Management. As a software asset manager, you can now choose to:
  1. Import and synchronize system landscapes that include S/4HANA systems into the SAP Admin module
  2. Import S/4HANA inventory for Named User and Package license consumption
  3. Configure license reconciliation rules for S/4HANA.

After this process, your optimization recommendations and license position include your S/4HANA systems.

In addition, you can now utilize license optimization recommendations for S/4HANA using a similar optimization workflow to SAP ECC. FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications now enables you to view the optimization recommendations for S/4HANA licenses and then process these recommendations using the SAP admin module.

Finally, the Consumption Analysis, Role Utilization, and Indirect Access Evidence analysis tools now include S/4HANA data as well.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)