Improvements to the FlexNet Inventory Agent

IT Asset Management version 2019 R2.2
This release updates the FlexNet Inventory Agent with the improvements:
  • Identification of Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack. This is achieved by scanning for an Oracle VirtualBox instance. More information is available under PerformVirtualBoxInventory in the Preferences chapter of the Gathering FlexNet Inventory guide.
  • Meter 64-bit applications for usage tracking. The FlexNet Inventory Agent will now correctly meter executables under installation directories identified in Windows 64-bit Add/Remove Programs registry settings.
  • Remove the possibility of usage tracking linking the executable to the wrong application on Windows devices. This could occur when multiple applications share the same installation directory, and the UseAddRemove preference is set to "true". For more information on this setting, you may refer to the Gathering FlexNet Inventory guide.

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