Identify devices linked to evidence

IT Asset Management version 2019 R2.2

A new Devices tab has been added to Evidence Properties pages that will enable you to easily identify the computers that are linked to any of these evidence types:

  • Installer
  • File
  • Access

You can then view these properties of this device:

  • Domain name

  • Name

  • Inventory date

  • Inventory device type

Adding this new Devices tab to the existing Evidence Properties page allows you to quickly see what the evidence represents as well as where it is installed or accessed. We also expect that this enhancement will be very useful if you are working with unrecognized evidence. For example, you may have evidence that is not included into the ARL (Application Recognition Library) and are attempting to determine the application(s) that this evidence represents. While most evidence is reasonably clear, not all publishers regularly provide all of the required information to identify a specific application. In these cases pinpointing the devices with this evidence enables you to examine only these devices, enabling you to determine the application(s) that the evidence represents.

Note: For Access evidence, the Domain name, Name and Inventory device type are all properties of the accessing device. The Inventory date is the most recent date when Access evidence was collected.

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