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IT Asset Management version 2019 R2.2

From this release, some customers may see additional information in the General tab of the inventory device properties. The additional normalized values are taken from Technopedia. You do not require any additional license to receive this data .

The new data fields include:
  • Manufacturer
  • Product
  • Model
  • Introduced—The release date for this model
  • Obsolete—The date when the manufacturer declared this model obsolete (this field is only displayed when there is a value to show).
  • More information....
This information, displayed in a Powered by Technopedia panel is available only under the following conditions:
  • Your enterprise has not opted out of data handling by AWS
  • You have opted in to the beta 'early adopters' program for Technopedia integration with IT Asset Management
  • The inventory is imported from SCCM (currently, with more sources to follow)
  • Inventory has been imported and has completed the internal compliance calculation process.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)