Flexera One SaaS Management connector

IT Asset Management version 2019 R2.3

For software as a service (SaaS) applications, Flexera One SaaS Management is a great tool for managing your license subscriptions, related usage, and so on. This release of IT Asset Management provides a straight-forward connector that lets you bring all your SaaS license overviews into the 'single pane of glass' where you manage all your software assets.

Once authorized, the connector imports all relevant data from Flexera One SaaS Management into IT Asset Management each night, updating local license records to show the latest entitlements, and including these in the nightly license consumption calculations. Each of these imported licenses, 'mirroring' the ones you created in Flexera One SaaS Management, includes a hyperlink that allows you to switch back to the original license records for any needed adjustments. You may also choose to add information to the licenses in IT Asset Management, such as customizing the license name (perhaps adding "from FSM" for ease of grouping and recognition), linking contracts or purchases (for information only, since the real entitlements are imported nightly from Flexera One SaaS Management), adding management owners and the like. Such details are preserved through each night's imported update.

This single connector obsoletes three earlier SaaS connectors (although these also remain available for customers who have not licensed Flexera One SaaS Management):
  • Microsoft Office 365 (deprecated)
  • Microsoft 365
  • Salesforce.
If you have been previously using any of these connectors, new documentation in the FlexNet Manager Suite Inventory Adapters and Connectors Reference PDF document (linked from the title page of online help) steps through best practice housekeeping to make the switch to the Flexera One SaaS Management connector and optionally remove any license duplication. As a precaution, the first import from your authorized connector to Flexera One SaaS Management automatically marks any licenses from those earlier connectors with a status of Retired, so that from that night forward, the old license records no longer have any effect in the nightly license reconciliation. From that point on, everything is driven through your Flexera One SaaS Management records, conveniently visible from within IT Asset Management.
The only prerequisite for this connector is that you have licensed both products. Since both are cloud applications, configuration is as simple as setting a check box in the Integrations tab of the System Settings page of IT Asset Management.
Tip: Managed service providers (MSPs) running their own instance(s) of IT Asset Management who wish to offer integration with Flexera SaaS Manager must upgrade at least one Internet-facing stand-alone inventory beacon to version 14.3.0 or later, and implement the Flexera One SaaS Management connector on that inventory beacon as another PowerShell-based connector.

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