Track instance billing from CSPs

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.1
Two new columns have been added to the Cloud Service Provider Inventory page (accessible through the Discovery & Inventory menu). They are:
  • Tenant ID – the ID for the highest level 'contract' between your enterprise and the cloud service provider (CSP). Many enterprises have only one tenant ID from a CSP, although separate divisions, or mergers and acquisitions, may mean that you have multiple of these.
    Tip: Be clear that this is the tenant ID assigned by the CSP. This is quite distinct from the tenant ID used in multi-tenant implementations of IT Asset Management, such as those operated by managed service providers (MSPs), or our own cloud implementation.
  • Subscription ID – the ID for one billing arrangement for services your enterprise uses from a particular cloud service provider. Your enterprise may have many subscriptions, although each one of these must relate to exactly one tenant ID (while each tenant may have multiple subscriptions).
These two fields allow you to track where the charges for particular instances running in the cloud are being billed.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)