Business adapter restriction in cloud

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.1

The data model available for creating custom business adapters, used for importing license-related business details into the system, has been slightly modified for SaaS implementations of IT Asset Management (with the data model for on-premises implementations remaining unchanged). Details for operators (those with permission to use the web interface for IT Asset Management), including links to the roles (or privilege levels) they may hold, are no longer accessible in the Business Adapter Studio where you develop custom business adapters.

You now also need to adjust any existing business adapters you may have created that already access the operator object or its links to the role object, as imports of these objects in cloud-based or multi-tenant implementations can no longer succeed.

This change tightens the security provisions that separate data for different tenants in the multi-tenant system. To repeat, business adapters in on-premises (single tenant) implementations are unchanged.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)