Versions of UNIX-like platforms visible for PVU

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.1

In the All Inventory page and related management views, the Operating System column has been enhanced so that it now displays the version of UNIX-like operating systems (when available), just as it has previously displayed versions for Microsoft Windows platforms. This enhancement only applies to inventory imported either from a locally-installed FlexNet Inventory Agent, or from inventory directly gathered by an inventory beacon. Also note that the new values are only displayed after updated FlexNet inventory has been imported for each device – if there are devices where the UNIX-like OS does not get a version added within a few days of full inventory imports and license compliance calculations, you may want to check that the device is still active. It's possible you may need to fix an inventory problem, or conversely you may be able to retire some inactive devices and reduce your license liability to match.

While generally helpful, displaying the OS versions is particularly valuable if you have an agreed license amendment from IBM that allows you to use IT Asset Management to report on sub-capacity consumption for PVU licenses (in place of using ILMT or other IBM approved solutions). Some IBM auditors have insisted that these version numbers are mandatory for reports to be accepted.

Although testing shows good results, it may be possible that not all operating system data is normalized to have version numbers available. If you find such as case, please report full details to your Flexera Support contact, mentioning IOJ-1854959 as a related issue.

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