Remote devices' last inventory date reworked

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.1

Recall that remote device records are created when inventory shows evidence of certain types of access to applications, but the accessing machine cannot be determined (and for example, might be a home computer logging in remotely).

In the past, the Last inventory date field for a remote device (both in the General tab of its properties, and in the listing of all Remote Devices) was set to the record creation date, and never changed. This has now been improved.

From this release, the Last inventory date for each remote device is reviewed at each full inventory import and license consumption calculation, happening by default overnight. The date is refreshed whenever there is new access evidence matching the same remote device record. The access evidence may be:
  • Application access evidence, from a source like XenApp or AppV
  • VDI access evidence, when it is the date that the XenDesktop site was last scanned and showed this evidence.
Some remote devices may have both kinds of access evidence, in which case the most recent of the above two dates is used.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)