SAP connections support SNC

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.1

As an alternative (and in addition) to SSL and HTTPS support, SAP landscapes support Secure Network Communications (SNC) for systems that use the SAP protocols RFC or DIAG. Now the configuration page in FlexNet Beacon for setting up a connection to an SAP system (whether it's an Independent SAP System or an Admin Module, or a dependent system accessed through an Admin Module) has been enhanced to support SNC, on a system-by-system basis. Once your SAP system is correctly configured for SNC, it is a simple matter of defining a few values on your connecting inventory beacon to use that facility. You can choose the level of security you want, from simple authentication, through integrity checking and encryption, to the maximum protection offered by your SAP system. For more information, see the online help page on Creating SAP Connections, where step 8 has full details.

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