Three new license reports by enterprise groups

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.1
Three new reports on license transactions make it easier to track both purchases and consumption by various enterprise groups, for enterprises that allow (some) decentralized purchasing of software. The reports are alike, except for the different kinds of enterprise groups that they track. They are:
  • Licenses Consumed and Purchased by Corporate Unit
  • Licenses Consumed and Purchased by Cost Center
  • Licenses Consumed and Purchased by Location.
Each report displays consumption of license entitlements within the appropriate kinds of enterprise groups, compared to purchases for each license, made locally by the same kinds of enterprise group. Each one reflects the enterprise group hierarchies and rolls up the purchases and consumption, just like the group assignment tab of a license, but does so across all licenses. The details displayed are results from the most recent inventory imports and license reconciliation (typically overnight).

Of course, the behavior of individual enterprise groups does not represent an audit risk in the same way that your corporate-wide totals of purchases and consumption do – compliance is a matter for the entire enterprise. However, these reports enable you to track what might be called "group compliance" – where managers are allowed to make local purchases of software, are they managing carefully enough to keep their group's consumption (and that of all descendant groups) within the limits of their purchases?

These reports may be used in conjunction with the existing Licenses Consumed and Allocated by Enterprise Groups. This report best suits those enterprises who centralize the purchases of software licenses, and then assign quantities to various enterprise groups. Enterprises that allow both practices can combine the use of these reports.

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