BMC Discovery (ADDM) adapter schema change

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.2
The adapter used to import inventory from BMC Discovery (previously known as ADDM) has been updated to internal schema version 1.10 with the upgrade of IT Asset Management to release 2020 R1.2. This update enables new features when the adapter is used with Flexera One Discovery & Inventory. In contrast, for implementations of IT Asset Management, there is effectively no change:
  • The same inventory information is imported as with the previous version of the adapter
  • The same versions of BMC Discovery are supported
  • The new adapter is backward-compatible with previous versions of FlexNet Beacon, so that there is no need to update the inventory beacon that manages these imports if you decide the upgrade the adapter.

However, the new schema does require an update to the staging database used with the adapter, and also requires the changed Compliance Reader supplied with the 2020 R1.2 release of the central application server to manage the changed imports.

The relevant section of the FlexNet Manager Suite Inventory Adapters and Connectors Reference (available as PDF through the title page of online help, and as PDF or HTML from has been updated to reflect the new schema. If you decide to upgrade your BMC Discovery adapter, it is available within the Adapter Tools for FlexNet Manager Suite archive, downloadable through Flexera Community.

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