Flexera Analytics access permissions tightened

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.2

In the 2020 R1.1 release, the Analytics User role provided Write access to the Flexera Analytics Shared Content folder (under Team content). Now, with the introduction of the Scheduling reports in Flexera Analytics feature addition, we have tightened access permissions to the Shared Content folder. The Analytics Explorer role has been added to IT Asset Management, and this Analytics Explorer role grants Write access to the Shared Content folder and allows users to schedule reports.

Existing IT Asset Management roles can be updated to include the Analytics Explorer privilege. For example, if you have an existing role with a number of users, and would prefer them all to have the scheduling option, then you can edit their existing role and apply the Analytics Explorer privilege by selecting it from the Privileges drop-down list, and then saving the change. Alternatively, a new role can be created to include Analytics Explorer privileges, and users can be added to this new role.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)