CSP coverage extends to Google Cloud

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.2

The Cloud Service Provider Inventory management view helps you track instances you have running in clouds operated by different cloud service providers (CSPs) such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. From this release, support also extends to Google Cloud – although support is not yet as extensive as for other providers.

Collecting inventory from an instance running in Google Cloud requires that you have the FlexNet Inventory Agent locally installed on that instance. Of course, this also requires that the installed FlexNet Inventory Agent can contact at least one inventory beacon, both for upload of inventory, and for download of policy that guides its self-management. The usual conditions apply: either you can run FlexNet Beacon on a long-running instance within Google Cloud, and configure that inventory beacon to upload to the central application server; or you can configure the installed FlexNet Inventory Agents to "phone home" to an inventory beacon you set up in a demilitarized zone in your own environment.

Support for Google Cloud requires that the FlexNet Inventory Agent installed on the instance is version 13.2.0 of later (this was the version released with IT Asset Management 2019 R1 in March 2019). It also requires that the ARL is up to date (no earlier than August 21, 2020) for delivery of an updated inventory settings file.

Because the inventory source comes directly from the FlexNet Inventory Agent installed on the virtual instance, some properties available from other CSPs are not available for Google Cloud at this time. The online help for the Cloud Service Provider Inventory page identifies the properties that are unavailable from Google Cloud.

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