New timeout for Oracle inventory on UNIX-like platforms

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.2

Some commands used by FlexNet Inventory Agent to collect inventory from Oracle Database and associated options can hang (for example, they may trigger a credentials challenge which FlexNet Inventory Agent cannot answer). Until now, this has stopped the entire inventory-gathering process.

Now, a new timeout for relevant UNIX-like platforms means that the FlexNet Inventory Agent can 'step back' from the blocked command, allow that inventory command to fail, but continue on with the rest of its process. If you take no further action, with the upgrade to the 15.2.0 version of FlexNet Inventory Agent, the default timeout now occurs after 10 seconds; but you can vary the value between 1 and 60 seconds on the command line or in the config.ini file that acts as a substitute registry on UNIX-like platforms. More details are in the Gathering FlexNet Inventory PDF (or HTML equivalent).

IT Asset Management (Cloud)