More columns available in purchase listings

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1.2
A range of additional columns have been made available in the management views of purchase records:
  • Four additional columns are in the column chooser for the All Purchases page
  • A total of 11 new columns, of which the extra 7 were previously available only in the above page, are now in the column chooser for the Deferred Purchases, Processed Purchases, and Unprocessed Purchases pages.
The extra columns focus mainly on process management (when the record was created and by whom, whether the order included software maintenance, which enterprise group relates to the purchase, and so on). The columns (with the four that are also new in the All Purchases page marked with an asterisk *) are:
  • Contract no.
  • Corporate unit
  • Cost center
  • Creation date*
  • Created by*
  • Effective date*
  • Expiry date
  • Item
  • Location
  • Includes maintenance*
  • Quantity per unit.
Online help for the affected pages is updated appropriately.

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