Custom port option for inventory upload

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1
Each inventory beacon has a BeaconEngine.config file that, among other things, specifies its own networkname where installed instances of FlexNet Inventory Agent may attempt to upload inventory collected on their local inventory device. This release enhances the possible values of this networkname (an attribute of the beaconCommonSettings element in the BeaconEngine.config XML file) to allow a custom port on the inventory beacon, specified in the format host:port (or, when no custom port is specified, the defaults are port 80 for HTTP, or port 443 for HTTPS). This extends the existing options that also allow:
  • An alternative computer name, which can redirect uploads to a different inventory beacon
  • An IPv4 address (useful, for example, when the installed FlexNet Inventory Agent cannot access a reliable DNS)
  • A fully qualified domain name (FQDN).
The .config file is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\Inventory Beacon\DotNet\conf\BeaconEngine.config on the inventory beacon. For more information, refer to the Adjusting the Web Server on the Inventory Beacon topic in the Inventory Beacon Reference section of online help.

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