UseForMatching required for most import objects

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1

An update for the Business Adapter Studio and MGSBI.exe affects the way you will see some exceptions. You are no longer allowed to save an existing adapter or create a new adapter without choosing fields which set UseForMatching="True" (or if defining import rules for attributes/properties using the UI without selecting the Use this property for matching existing data check box). Most import objects now require this property in order to save the adapter. In addition, MGSBI.exe will not execute the import using said adapter if UseForMatching is not specified correctly for an object that is to be imported. The only import objects that do not require UseForMatching="True" are:

  • Contract Responsibility
  • Contract Asset
  • Contract License
  • Operator Role
  • Payment Schedule License
  • Payment Schedule Asset
  • Purchase Order Line Asset
  • Purchase Order Line License
For more information, see Using FlexNet Business Adapters.

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