SAP Digital Access

IT Asset Management version 2020 R1

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications already monitors your systems by discovering indirect access by third-party interfaces and non-SAP systems. With this release of IT Asset Management, we have added the ability to measure the cost of Digital Access based on the document license metrics announced by SAP.

This new approach is based on nine document types generated from the Digital Core that represent commonly valued business outcomes. In an SAP ecosystem, there will be a cost associated with the initial creation of these types of documents in SAP systems by third-party interfaces. There are no additional costs for reads, updates, deletes or the additional documents automatically generated in the system when the first document is created.

You can use the following date-range settings in the admin module or the inventory beacon to collect document license metrics from dependent or independent systems.

  • Number of months of Digital Access
  • Last Full Calendar Year (Monthly)
  • Start Date, End Date

This digital access data is collected based on built-in functionality in SAP with a technical identifier (SAP Passport) to distinguish calls from SAP and non-SAP sender applications. It is present for both S/4HANA and legacy ECC systems and the results are relevant for future audits from the point of installation (see prerequisites below).

Once the data is imported, you can view details of the documents created by count on the Indirect Access page with the import date and the duration of data imported. You will also have the ability to maintain the price table for the nine document types along with their respective multipliers in the same page.

Based on the prices and multipliers specified in the price table, the digital access cost will be calculated and shown as a Digital Access Cost Summary on the License Position page. The cost can be viewed at the following levels.

  • Landscape
  • System ID
  • Client ID
  • Document type
The prerequisites for enabling the collection of the digital access data in your SAP environment are detailed in this SAP note:
Tip: This link requires your SAP ONE Support Launchpad login.

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