First look at new inventory tasks

IT Asset Management version 2020 R2.1

New "inventory tasks" simplify the collection of various kinds of FlexNet inventory, compared with the inventory rules currently available in IT Asset Management. At this initial release, inventory tasks support only VMware inventory (for hosts and virtual machines), with more inventory types to follow. The inventory tasks are quite flexible: you can load lists of target devices from .csv files, organize them into groups of your own choosing, and assign groups to FlexNet Beacons for inventory upload.

To try out the inventory tasks, you must:
  • At this stage, be using both IT Asset Management (cloud edition) and IT Visibility (the user interface for managing inventory tasks is only available within IT Visibility)
  • Deploy the current version (16.1.0 or later) of FlexNet Beacon (this deployment must be managed through IT Asset Management)
  • Ask Flexera for an updated license for IT Asset Management that turns on the new functionality embedded in FlexNet Beacon (ask your Customer Success Manager or Flexera Support contact).
Once these conditions are fulfilled, you can use the Data Collection menu in Flexera One to set up your Inventory Targets, Inventory Groups and assignment to inventory beacons, and Task Lists. Thereafter, the next scheduled inventory collection includes the collected virtualization inventory, which is displayed in both interfaces, in the stand-alone cloud version of IT Asset Management, and in Flexera One.

After exploring inventory tasks, you may like to discuss future developments in the Flexera Community, and specifically in the Flexera Ideas page.

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