Toad for Oracle inventory

IT Asset Management version 2020 R2.2

IT Asset Management now reports installations of Toad for Oracle on Windows-based Oracle servers. Two new evidence types, Toad and Toad License, are available (currently, only the first of these is used for automatic linking to applications through the Application Recognition Library, but either may be used if you are manually creating application records and linking to evidence). The Toad License evidence may also be useful, for example, to recognize installations of the 30-day trial version of Toad for Oracle.

Toad for Oracle generally requires user-based licensing, with no concept of license sharing (for example, when one user stops using the application, another cannot start using it under the same entitlement). Users are called "seats" in Toad-speak, except for Desktop Authority where a 'seat' means a device. For the general case, you might consider a Named User license type if manually creating your licenses; or wherever possible, quote the SKU number for your version of Toad on your purchase, and allow the SKU library and PURL to propose an appropriate license for you.
Note: This functionality requires version 16.2.0 or greater of FlexNet Inventory Agent (available with this release); and also make sure that your downloadable libraries are kept up-to-date, to receive the latest recognition rules through the Application Recognition Library.

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