Improved recognition of application usage

IT Asset Management version 2020 R2

The FlexNet Inventory Agent, when locally installed on an inventory device, can help to track application usage, particularly on Windows-based devices. This requires that the inventory device is included in a target where Allow application usage tracking on these targets has been set (see Creating a Target in the online help). In this case, the locally-installed FlexNet Inventory Agent monitors executing processes, and, to show which application is running, tries to match the path of the executable to paths recorded for installed applications. Until now, by default this has involved looking up Windows Installer applications in the MSI repository; and if you needed to include paths from Add/Remove Programs, that required a registry change on every target device.

This is now greatly simplified, as the setting to allow usage tracking now automatically enables both MSI lookups and Add/Remove Programs lookups. As a result, the registry setting UseAddRemove on targeted inventory devices may be turned on or off through downloaded device policy, based on your settings in the web interface.

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