Scanning uploaded documents to eliminate malicious content

IT Asset Management version 2020 R2

At several points in IT Asset Management, such as in the properties of purchases, contracts, assets, and licenses, you can reference supporting documents to help with record management. One available method for electronic documents is to upload the files to the application server, and save them with your license management data.

To prevent the accidental upload of malicious files, all such document uploads are now subject to automatic virus scanning at the time of upload.

If malicious content is found in a file, a red block of warning text appears in the web interface to alert the operator:
Antivirus scanning has quarantined this file as malicious. If you think this 
is a mistake, please contact your IT department for analysis, or contact 
Flexera Support.

Naturally, it is up to the operator (or perhaps your IT Department) to attend to the original file on the external device from which you attempted the upload – IT Asset Management has no capacity to remove files from external devices. The upload is blocked from the cloud web application server, and the malicious file is discarded.

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