Two new reports for Oracle licensing

IT Asset Management version 2021 R1
This release brings two new reports that help optimize your Oracle licensing structures to minimize exposure and assist with cost distributions:
  • The Optimization of Oracle Processor Licenses on Clusters and Hosts report digs deep into VMware clusters and other environments that Oracle classifies as "soft partitions", where the software is licensed under Oracle Processor licenses. In these configurations, a virtual machine can migrate between hosts, and Oracle therefore requires that all cores on all hosts are licensed – which can turn into a very expensive proposition. You can optimize this situation by configuring smaller, tightly-scoped clusters where Oracle Database and associated products can run as a service to other software, so that there are fewer processors (and fewer cores, and therefore fewer points) to be licensed. Exclusions from this report are:
    • Kubernetes clusters, where Oracle license consumption is not yet calculated
    • Oracle Database Standard Edition, which uses an atypical socket count for consumption calculations.
  • The Oracle Licenses Consumption Details and Optimizations report covers all kinds of licenses that authorize use of Oracle software, with considerable detail to show why consumption is occurring. Because devices report which enterprise groups they are linked to, this report is very helpful for deciding how much 'chargeback' to cross-bill to groups to recover the costs of the Oracle servers and software. The report includes proposed optimizations to help manage overall costs.

These reports are both available through Reports > License Compliance > Optimization.

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