Three new Oracle license reports

IT Asset Management version 2021 R1.1
This release brings three (count them, three!) detailed new reports to help you understand and optimize your Oracle environment, including both Oracle Database instances and the various options available with them. These are:
  • The Oracle Partitioning Rule Impacts report gives full details of points consumed from Oracle Processor licenses, including consuming devices in any virtualization environment (such as VMware virtual machines, IBM LPARs, Solaris Zones, Oracle VMs and the like). However, the report has a special focus on VMware vCenter clusters/networking, where it performs a "what if" comparison of the effects on points consumed of different soft partitioning rules that Oracle has brought into play over time (partitioning at the cluster, at the vCenter, or including all vCenters, together with imagining a hard partition around each ESX host server).
  • The Oracle Consumption Summary by Partitioning Rule report has a similar focus, but this time including comparative costs based on either your most recent purchase price, or on the Override unit price you set in the Purchases tab of the license properties.
  • The Optimum Virtualized Architecture for Oracle Options report uses just one of the Oracle rules (partitioning at the cluster) to compare costs of your current cluster architecture with an optimized structure of clusters each containing a consistent set of Oracle option installations. All relevant licenses are included in this analysis (not just the Oracle Processor license type).

Together, these reports give you the insights needed to optimize your environment, and to marshal your facts for a commercial negotiation with Oracle as your next maintenance renewal approaches. Happy savings!

IT Asset Management (Cloud)