New connector for BMC Discovery imports

IT Asset Management version 2021 R1.2

For some time, IT Asset Management has supported an adapter for importing data from BMC Discovery (formerly ADDM). The term 'adapter' means that significant set-up and maintenance is involved, in this particular case including a staging database where an executable can reconfigure the data prior to uploading it for import into IT Asset Management.

From this release, there is also a connector available for BMC Discovery. This is a much lighter mechanism for collecting the relevant data, as the connector needs no intermediate staging database nor a separate processing executable. The connector, running on an appropriate inventory beacon, simply connects to the RESTful APIs provided by BMC Discovery to extract the required data. Once collected, it is automatically uploaded to the central application server and saved in the inventory database. From there, at the next full inventory import and license compliance calculation (by default, overnight), it is imported into the compliance database and the results are visible in the web interface.

Currently the data collected by the connector or the adapter is the same; but over time, expect the functionality available through the connector to increase for new versions of BMC Discovery.

For details about both the new connector and the previous adapter, see the combined section BMC Discovery Adapter and Connector in Inventory Adapters and Connectors Reference.

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