Auto-cleanup of obsolete FlexNet inventory

IT Asset Management version 2021 R1.3

A new setting in the Inventory tab of the System Settings page authorizes automatic cleanup of records of inventory devices that were once reporting inventory through the FlexNet Inventory Agent, but now have stopped reporting for your chosen period of time. The setting is in the Obsolete inventory section of the tab.

The default setting is Never, meaning that cleanup of inventory devices is not performed. To trigger automatic cleanup, select a different value (such as 30 days) from the Remove after drop-down.
Important: The clean-up is irreversible. If you wish to preserve records of inventory devices that are no longer reported by FlexNet Inventory Agent, ensure that Never remains selected in the Remove after drop-down.
This setting may be changed as required. For example, you might leave the default selection of Never until you become aware that some data cleanup is required. Then you can choose an appropriate time window, and wait (typically overnight) until the clean-up occurs. Be aware, of course, that this cleans up all records of devices that have failed to report in your chosen time window.

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