File replication captures beacon uploads for review

IT Asset Management version 2021 R1.3

An inventory beacon is a data staging post between an inventory source (such as the FlexNet Inventory Agent) and the central application server. To manage its disk space, as soon as an inventory beacon successfully uploads a file, the local copy of that file is deleted. However, this can make it tricky to catch an uploaded file for examination and troubleshooting, as the interval between receiving the file and subsequently deleting it again can be quite short.

Enter the file Replication page, now available on inventory beacons from version 17.3.0 forwards. When you're troubleshooting, you can choose the kind of file(s) to save, the path for storing them, and how long they should be retained before being deleted to conserve disk space. For a little more detail, please see the Beacon Change Log.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)