Take inventory of any Linux container software for CI/CD

IT Asset Management version 2021 R1.3

A new tool for collecting software inventory from container images complements other tools that collect hardware inventory (such as the Lightweight Kubernetes Inventory Agent, which deliberately does not get "inside" the containers in the Kubernetes cluster it is inspecting). The tool is a Linux-based script called imgtrack, which uses the software inventory capabilities of the standard FlexNet Inventory Scanner to perform a "static analysis" of the software installed in the container – that is, it is run separately from the container management platform, and does not interfere with any running containers, instead temporarily instantiating a container derived from the image under investigation. When the investigation is complete, the script either triggers upload of the resulting inventory file to an inventory beacon of your choice, or saves the resulting .ndi file to the folder you specify, (or both), before shutting down the special container running the derived image.

Because the script is designed to run outside a production environment, it is ideally suited for use in a chain of continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD). As imgtrack is a fully self-contained file, it can be copied to, and run in, any location you wish, such as /usr/bin or /opt/managesoft/bin or another path of your choice.

Documentation for imgtrack forms a new section of the Gathering FlexNet Inventory reference, available either through the title page of online help (in PDF format only), or through http://docs.flexera.com in either PDF or HTML formats.

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