The Microsoft SQL Server Optimization report now reports if inventory devices are hosted on-premises or in the cloud

IT Asset Management version 2021 R1.4

The report now includes two additional columns titled "Hosted in" and "Hosted in cloud". Both columns indicate if the inventory device is hosted on-premises, or hosted in the cloud by a service provider. Note: the "Hosted in" column is an optional column, and the "Hosted in cloud" column is fixed.

Column name Description
Hosted in

Shows whether the inventory device is on-premises (the default, meaning the device is within your enterprise), or in a cloud operated by a particular service provider. For some cloud service providers (like AWS and Azure), the Hosted in value is set automatically through inventory. For other cloud service providers, you must make a selection manually.

Hosted in cloud

Indicates No if the inventory device is hosted on-premises (within your enterprise). Indicates Yes if the inventory device is hosted in the cloud by a cloud service provider. Most inventory devices hosted in the cloud are virtual machines; but this value is available for all inventory devices, because some cloud service providers also rent entire machines (for example, AWS provides dedicated hosts and bare metal instances). This is a convenience column for grouping/filtering inventory devices that are hosted in the cloud. The name of the cloud service provider for each inventory device is available in the Hosted in column.

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