New license exemption by file path manages Oracle Java

IT Asset Management version 2021 R1.4

A new reason is available to exempt an application installation from consuming a license entitlement. It is intended for those few occasions where a 'parent' or primary application is licensed to include another embedded 'child' piece of software that provides required functionality. An example of this is the license for Oracle SQL Developer, which also covers installation of the embedded Oracle Java SE application.

There are several interconnected requirements for this functionality. The embedded application, for which you want this exemption, must:
  • Have the Import detailed evidence check box selected on the General tab of the application properties
  • Be linked to either a User license or an Oracle Processor license type (but keep in mind that, once the exemption is in place, it will not consume from this license, and is assumed to consume from the license for the primary application) – only these license types support this functionality
  • Have application recognition based on linked file evidence only (with no installer evidence or WMI evidence attached), with that linked file installed in the file path you are planning to exempt.
When these conditions are met, new controls are available in the Exemptions section of the Use Rights & Rules tab of the linked license. In the Exemption by file path listing, you can add one (or more) file paths for the attached file evidence. (Want help identifying the file paths? See the new Application Transparency report.) During inventory import and license compliance calculations, if only file evidence is found for the installed application, and the found file(s) are exclusively within the listed path(s), then the installation on that device does not consume a license entitlement. Instead, in the Consumption tab of the license properties, this device shows Exempted by file path. And this exemption, like all other license exemptions, also prevents the installed software from consuming entitlements from any other license. (As an aside, this also means that it does not appear on the license of the primary application, either. To help with management, and preparing for the possibility of a future audit, consider attaching a note to the Documents tab of the exempted license to remind you where the primary application license covering this installation is recorded.)

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