An additional new license assignment failure reason has been added

IT Asset Management version 2022 R1.1

The new license assignment failure reason will appear in the assessment reasons column when no valid points rules have been configured for devices consuming from licenses that require a point rules set. This results in devices being excluded from license assignment.

New license assignment failure reason

Message Notes
No consumption could be calculated because a matching points rule could not be found to cover this device For licences that require a points rule set, such as:
  • Oracle Processor
  • MS server core / MS server processor licences.
This assignment failure reason indicates there is no corresponding points rule to cover the device.

This can happen if it does not match on processor type, is lower than the minimum or higher than the maximum number of cores, sockets, and so on. Or, that the device is hosted in a cloud service provider which is not covered by a rule.

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