The generation of the Oracle GLAS evidence archive has been added as a system task

IT Asset Management version 2022 R1.1

To help reduce the overall execution time of reconciliation, the Oracle GLAS Archive sub-task has been extracted from the reconciliation process into its own system task.

The Oracle GLAS Archive system task is automatically triggered by the execution of the inventory import and the license reconcile. The archive can also be regenerated after a license reconciliation is triggered in the Web UI.

To view the status of system-level tasks, go to the System Tasks page (Data Collection > IT Assets Inventory Status > System Tasks). Your account needs the Troubleshooting: access to System Tasks page privilege to view this page.

In the System Tasks UI, the OracleGLASArchive system task has a corresponding sub-task called Oracle GLAS archive generation. Like other system tasks, the status of the task/step is displayed, along with a brief summary.

See System Tasks in the online help for more information on system tasks.

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