New Named User Licenses Consumption and Optimization report

IT Asset Management version 2022 R1.4

The new Named User Licenses Consumption and Optimization Report allows Software Asset Managers to actively track subscriptions for installed applications, and returns license consumption for all named user licenses.

By design, named user licenses can be complex as subscriptions often allow for bundled software. This makes it hard to understand what applications (installed applications, installed and used applications) are consuming the named user license.

To address this complexity and optimization opportunity, this report brings a summarized view, per user consumption that provides all details to understand the consumptions: installed and used applications consuming the license.

The report returns extensive user details such as full name, email address and so on. As well as consumption details such as installed applications consuming licenses, and installed and used applications consuming licenses.

Beyond Software Asset Management data transparency, the report computes optimization recommendations assessing each user(s) with an active subscription against lower cost subscriptions from the same Publisher, for installed and used applications. Specifically for Adobe, the report will identify if it's cheaper to license standalone Adobe products in comparison to subscribing to the Creative Cloud All Apps license subscription.

The report provides all cost information (current cost, optimal cost, potential saving for users, total potential saving and so on).

Note: If the subscription or online usage comes from SaaS Manager, the optimization logic for the report will still apply.
Software Asset Managers can subsequently use this data to action subscription(s) downgrades.
Note: The report does not include Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN). MSDN has a very specific configuration (in certain cases, can have hundreds of applications linked to a license) and does not have any downgrade capability.

For more details, see Named User Licenses Consumption and Optimization Report in the Online Help.

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