The agent has been extended to recognize different editions of the Adobe Acrobat DC desktop application

IT Asset Management version 2022 R1.6

The inventory capabilities of the agent have been extended to detect different editions of Adobe Acrobat DC (Professional, Standard and Reader) on desktop machines. This new functionality has been added to the InventorySettings.xml file, which will be delivered to all customers by means of an ARL release.

Note: This extended agent enhancement only supports Windows 10 and Windows 11 desktops.

The agent has been extended based on recent installer changes made by Adobe (impacts Adobe Acrobat DC versions 2021 and later), which has resulted in no way of differentiating between the three Adobe Acrobat DC versions from the existing evidence collected by the agent.

To take advantage of this enhancement, navigate to Data Collection > IT Assets Inventory Tasks > Inventory Settings, scroll down to the Inventory Extensions Version and select Always use the latest version (currently xx). This will automatically deploy the latest InventorySettings.xml file to the agent.

After the latest InventorySettings.xml file has been deployed, the evidence collected by the inventory agent will contain extra evidence disclosing the specific Adobe Acrobat DC version in the NDI. At this point, you will now be able to see the different versions listed on the Installed Applications screen in IT Asset Management, assign licenses and complete other actions as necessary.

Note: In a scenario, where multiple users are sharing a desktop machine to run different Adobe Acrobat DC editions from the same installation, each edition of Adobe Acrobat DC will be recognized and listed on the Installed Applications screen.

For more information on the InventorySettings.xml file, see Inventory Extensions Version in the online help.

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