New columns added to the IBM license compliance reports

IT Asset Management version 2022 R2.2

Five new columns have been added to the IBM compliance reports. These new columns provide additional information to represent the zSystem hierarchy structure in IT Asset Management.

  • Pool 3: The name of the third level child resource pool, to which virtual machines are typically assigned when there is a hierarchy of resource pools. Where a host has only one or two levels of resource pools, this column remains blank. For IBM zSystem inventory, the third level in the hierarchy will typically consist of either a z/VM or KVM hypervisor.
  • Pool 3 core sub-capacity limit: The total number of processor cores available in the resource pool, which acts as a cap or upper limit on the sum of possible cores assigned to its guest virtual machines.
  • Pool 1 core sub-capacity, Pool 2 core sub-capacity and Pool 3 core sub-capacity: The number of processor cores used in the consumption calculation for all virtual machines in this resource pool.
The columns have been added to the following IBM reports:
  • IBM Cloud Pak License Consumption
  • IBM Cloud Pak License Current Consumption
  • IBM PVU License Consumption
  • IBM PVU License Current Consumption
  • IBM VPC License Consumption
  • IBM VPC License Current Consumption

These reports have been updated to now only show resource pools with defined sub-capacity limits. These limits (cap or upper limit of cores) are used in the consumption calculation for all virtual machines in a resource pool. This impacts resource pools belonging to architectures that previously stated 0 for the core sub-capacity limit. For zSystem resource pools, this means that LPAR groups and CPU pools are not displayed in the reports.

For more details on the zSystem hierarchy structure, see IBM zSystem Virtual Inventory in the Online Help.

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