Unrecognized Installer Evidence Analysis Report

IT Asset Management version 2022 R2.3

The Unrecognized Installer Evidence Analysis report retrieves all unrecognized installer evidences and returns prioritized mapping suggestions to existing applications or to be created applications in the Application Recognition Library (ARL).

Installer evidence is generally the most reliable way to recognize installed applications. In an ITAM environment, the number of unrecognized installer evidence can be in the thousands, either because the evidence has no interest (for example, drivers), the evidence is the result of renamed packages, or because the ARL is lacking signatures of applications worth being recognized.

From the report, you can open the installer evidence and do the following:
  • Ignore it if there is nothing of interest.
  • Modify it and link it to an existing application in the ARL.
  • Modify it and link it to a previously created application not in the ARL. Ensure to pay attention to the application version numbering and be consistent with already existing applications.

For more details, see Unrecognized Installer Evidence Analysis Report in the Online Help.

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