vCenter Inventory Issues Analysis Report

IT Asset Management version 2022 R2.3

The vCenter Inventory Issues Analysis report addresses the challenges of troubleshooting the vCenter inventory. It does this by retrieving all discovered virtualization hosts and relevant analysis with regard to possible inventory issues and logs.

For analysis, the report collects data from discovered devices (VMWare inventory dates, discovery dates and logs), and aggregates data from various screens. The following data is collected:
  • vCenter Inventory dates.
  • Discrepancies between VMWare Discovery dates and Inventory dates.
  • Log errors.
  • Operator created rules and automated rules are analyzed separately for vCenter host per vCenter host. Reason being, automated rules (such as the "PVU frequent scan", which is performed every 30 minute on discovered devices once classified as a "Virtualization Host"), can create a lot of irrelevant logs that may obscure the data.
  • Discrepancies within vCenters or within clusters for ESX servers that host active VMs. For example, if an ITAM environment has an inventory date older than the other ESX servers in the same cluster, it shows it has been decommissioned (and is no longer reported by vCenter). As a consequence, the VMs in the decommissioned ESX will have obsolete information and need to be ignored.

For more details, see vCenter Inventory Issues Analysis Report in the Online Help.

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