Citrix Cloud Adapter Enhancement

IT Asset Management version 2022 R2.4

The Citrix Cloud adapter released in 2022 R2, has been enhanced to allow for importing streamed applications and corresponding delivery groups from Citrix Cloud into IT Asset Management. After a successful import, Citrix virtual application data will be visible in the following areas of IT Asset Management: Citrix virtual apps installer evidence report, installer evidence, unrecognized evidence and remote devices.

Key information

  • Installer evidence is created based on the imported streamed application name, and will display as recognized or unrecognized.
  • Recognized applications are automatically assigned to an application with an Access Mode marked as Citrix Virtual App. If the installer evidence is not recognized by the Application Recongnition Library (ARL), a new raw evidence type called StreamedApplication is created, which can be manually assigned to an application.
  • For any end-user who is not a primary user of an inventory device, a remote device will be created for them, and the installer evidence will be mapped to that device.
  • Citrix Cloud virtual application data can now be reported on by running the Citrix Virtual Apps Installer Evidence Report.
  • Only delivery groups that exclusively stream applications will be imported. For example, delivery groups streaming both desktops and applications are not imported.
  • Only applications assigned to users at delivery group level will be imported.
  • Unrecognized installer evidence has to be mapped manually.
  • File evidence for streamed applications is not collected - files path, file version, publisher and so on.

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