Oracle Inventory Troubleshooting Report

IT Asset Management version 2022 R2.4

The Oracle Inventory Troubleshooting report provides inventory troubleshooting details for Oracle servers along with issues analysis and related error logs.

The report aggregates data from multiple resources (logs, Oracle Instances Inventory, Oracle discovery information and so on) to provide a single insight on Oracle issues. To limit the quantity of data and false positives, the report focuses on the following:

  • Discovered devices with both an Oracle Inventory history and errors.

    • ORA01 errors in the last 90 days are considered. Note: Warnings pertaining to powered off instances at the time of inventory are ignored.
  • Active Servers with an “unspecified” edition of Oracle Database installed with an agent inventory less than 90 days.

    • Such “unspecified” installations can be a sign that Oracle Database is installed, but the instance has not been fully inventoried. This can happen if the instance is not mounted or is powered off (fail over node in an Oracle cluster).

For more details, see Oracle Inventory Troubleshooting Report in the Online Help.

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